Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga

Package for yoga classes

3 Days a week yoga classes total 12 classes 1 months Rs. 6000/-
Package 3 months 40 classes charges Rs. 16000/-
5 Days a week yoga classes total 20 classes 1 month Rs. 8000/-
3 Months 60 classes charges Rs. 24000/-

Group classes fees

1 Group 5 member compulsory Rs. 2000/- pm per member

Accu-Pressure fees Rs. 400/- per session.
Accu-Massage fees Rs. 600/- per session.
Reflexology fees Rs. 700/- per session.

Combo Pack - Yoga + Naturopathy treatment + Accu-Pressure.
Time (2 Hrs) Rs. 1000/- Per Session

Mode of Payment : Payment can be made by cash/online/cheque advance cheque should be in favour of "KEDAR NATH YOGA CENTER"

By Appointment :

Dr. Kedar Nath (15 years Experinced)
(Yoga & Naturopath)

Mob :

+91 9810281808, 9971848805

Therapeutic yoga is basically a system of self treatment. According to yogic view, diseases, disorders and ailments are the result of faulty ways of living, bad habits, lack of proper knowledge of things related to individual's life, and improper food. The diseases are thus the resultant state of a short or prolonged malfunctioning of the body system. This malfunctioning is caused by an imbalanced internal condition, created due to certain errors of the individuals.

Since the root cause of a disease lies in the mistakes of the individual, its cure also lies in correcting those mistakes by the same individual. Thus, it is the individual himself who is responsible in both the cases, that is, for causing as well as for curing the disease.

This being the basic assumption in this system about the nature of the trouble and its remedy, there is total reliance on the effort of the patient himself. The yoga expert shows only the path and works no more than as a counselor to the patient.

The yogic process of treatment comprises three steps:
(i) Proper diet,
(ii) Proper yoga practice, and
(iii) Proper knowledge of things which concern the life of an individual.

Consult for Acute, Chronic & complicated Diseases like